Snazzy 30 second micro press kit:

Combining “the swagger of Jim Morrison with the honky-tonk piano of an old-timey saloon” (, barely legal “indie rock fusion virtuoso” (New York Press) Natti Vogel is not above “throwing your own overpriced cosmopolitan in your face from behind his piano” (the Onion). Possible side effects include re-evaluation of music and your self (“Natti Vogel is an artist who can transform you” – Diane Taha of Associated Content, “Natti Vogel and his band do a wild part-vaudeville, part-pop, part-classical act that made me think about what music does” -the Brothers Frank).

Medium Length Bio

Natti Vogel started performing his original compositions in a bohemian flophouse in the West Village at the age of seventeen. After beating a wicked funk band and a kickass punk band to win the New School University’s Battle of the Bands, Natti recorded his first album, “the Hello EP,” whose video single “the Anorexia Song” quickly became an international cult hit. He has played shows with other theatrical eccentrics such as the Dresden Dolls, Le Tigre, Ute Lemper, Sxip Shirey and Alan Cumming, among others, at stages everywhere from MA to VA to Scotland where his show was rated “1 Must-See Show at Fringe 2008″ by the Edinburgh Evening News.

Now 22, Natti is called an “indie rock fusion virtuoso” by the New York Press and “playfully menacing cabaret (meets) romantic yearning” by the Onion. Natti suggests, however, that you take his cellist Valerie Kuehne’s advice and “let your ears do the chewing for once.” Out now is the essential 8-song “Hello EP Uncut”, which can only slightly prepare you for the epic “Denial We Can Believe In” which is scheduled for release this summer, 2009. Please don’t be shy and forward all critiques, praise and offers to

Things People Are Saying

“Natti’s music is a combination of cabaret, beijing opera, and show tunes on acid. in simpler terms, WE LOVED IT! He is awesome”
- laura charniss

“A pure artist. Natti’s voice is a powerful force”
-adriel harris/noah harris of the wandering sons.

Aa triumph on stage”
- machine dazzle

“oh shit! this is really good! what’s that grooving behind me? oh wait, it’s my butt!”
-jason from oona’s

“classic. he’s the shit. fucking awesome.”
-amanda palmer of the dresden dolls

“louche and debonair”
- earl dax

“piano-playing devil with the heart of an angel.”
- yula be’eri of nanuchka/world inferno friendship society

“for fuck’s sake. kiss him already.”
- michael pope

  • natti plays live