… in the middle of January?

So much has happened in the past 1.5 years since we’ve been in touch that it is unforgivably obscene!

I don’t know how we could catch up on it all in such a brief post BUT. I. WILL. TRY:

There’ve been wine-bottle pianos, sexy and strange honey-baptisms with bridge-jumping aerialists, a music video premiere on the Faster Times, festival shows with my beloved band and string quartet, a Japan tour, a birthday tribute concert, a 2-page spread in a Danish magazine, an album release, and that’s just all my labile musician brain can recall at this time.

Natti Vogel & Najva Sol by Rijard Bergeron

I’ve sworn in vegetarian blood that I will keep you better abreast of everything in 2013, so let me start by proving it to you now:

VALERIE KUEHNE - a *genius* (not a term I use lightly) cellist whom I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with for 5 YEARS, and whose exquisitely written essay on my songs gave this website its catchphrase, has asked me to join the circus tonight for an intimate show at Panoply in Brooklyn. I know it’s terribly last minute, but this is a rare opportunity for interdisciplinary magic in which I suggest you partake. I will debut an outrageously chaotic and ferocious new song laden with a desensitizing quantity of unresolved tritones in the melody. Warning: trigger for anyone with feelings.

SHOW TONIGHT Wednesday January 16th 8pm, Panoply Lab, 204 Meserole St., Brooklyn

It feels very, very good to blog all over this blog again.

So many more exciting announcements coming soon.

Love to you all.

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