5/20 10pm ~ Natti Vogel live feat. String Quartet, Sapphic Tango, Cocktails & Couture @ Judson Memorial Church

~ Tuesday, May 17th, 10:59 pm ~

Last Friday’s world premiere at Judson went more smoothly than I think any of us could have imagined. Magic abounded in fine form, from our virtuosic string quartet playing Rafaël Leloup’s freshly -penned arrangements to the decadent candle display to Samantha Sleeper’s dreamy couture to the well-stocked bar to the 100-or-so pulchritudinous & delighted audience members. There was a palpable atmosphere of joy, which ~for someone who’s worked hard throwing an event~ somehow never fails to surprise.

Jonny Goodman, the wonderful Jewfro-rocking man who booked us, said that it was among “the most purely perfect nights of music/performance” he had ever seen at Judson, which – if you know anything about this historical church – is complimentary to the point of absurdity.

I should have blogged before the premiere went down, but I suppose I was plenty occupied with simply prepping in the “real world.” Now that this is an objective Success, I feel more than ready to share it with you, and to wholeheartedly encourage you to come NEXT Friday, when we will be graced by the piquant addition of Seanna Sharpe’s Sapphic tango choreography.

I printed a quote from a must-read article by my former professor in the cream-based, full-color programs, which we handed out -alongside fresh daffodils – to audience members upon arrival, in hopes of setting the tone just right. I reiterated during the show how much I meant my desire for such an interaction in earnest, and afterward many people came to confess how much they wanted me to repeat certain songs, or certain parts of songs, etc. but felt too timid to do so. These same people are all coming next week, and will – I gleefully expect – grow more emboldened.

This all feels like a fantastical pre-summer night’s dream, and I can only hope that every one of you gets the chance to enjoy it before it fades away.

Or at the very least, enjoy this pretty 90-second teaser Raf & I made just for these two special nights. See you on the other side. xNV

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