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LIVE Twitter chat with Colby Keller 11/12 @ 8pm EST

If you’ve never heard of Colby Keller, that is a damn shame:

Besides being perfect in all the ways one would expect of an internationally worshipped porn star, he is also a stunningly erudite and articulate Marxist social critic and reprehensibly kindhearted and unassuming human in person.

In case you missed it, Colby co-starred with me in the music video for my song “Cannibal” which premiered on MTV Hive and was featured on!

Because *Tout le Monde* has been asking us all manner of nosy questions about what it was like to make the video, why I wrote it, why Rebecca directed it, why Colby co-starred, etc., was that my real bum, etc. and because Colby & I can and love to banter like no one else, we are co-hosting a…


So come on and log on then with a burning question or three prepared, and we promise to Spill the Beans.

Just follow #cannibalchat, @colbykeller and/or @nattivogel.

Should your brain be blocked, here is a refresher:

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