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‘CANNIBAL’ Premieres on MTV HIVE!

The Youtube link won’t be up until Halloween Day, but for now:


A little tied up on the set of "Cannibal." Photography by Kate Black

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It’s FALL & I made something for you

I don’t expect to make this a habit, but am compelled at the moment.
Perhaps it’s because you’ve had your heart broken (you know who you are).
Perhaps it’s that Molly Yeh has been posting recipes with alarming alacrity,
making my song harvest appear pitiable by comparison.
Perhaps it’s that Oscar told me that Sxip told him in London that I should be
“more open with [my] audience,” whatever that could mean!
Perhaps it’s that Cannibal took me & Raf a million years and one could really use some instant gratification.
Maybe it’s ’cause I normally have people over for dinner to test out new songs, but the gas is currently off.
Maybe it’s voodoo magic cast by Katelan Foisy. That’s probably it.
Whatever. Gist is: I wrote a song REAL quick, Genius Ace came by w/ 3 mics and we made a live, roughshod ‘field recording’ of the thing feat. his empathic support-sounds.
From my bedroom to your headphones, here goes nothing:



Falling on bassist Mike Harlen and drummer Ellery Russell at Earl Dax's PUSSYFAGGOT, where we played this fall. Photo by Anthony Scudese

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