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‘CANNIBAL’ Premieres on MTV HIVE!

The Youtube link won’t be up until Halloween Day, but for now:


A little tied up on the set of "Cannibal." Photography by Kate Black

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‘The Natti Vogel Inexperience’ Debut, Friday 2/15 830pm @ Branded Saloon

Indie rock fusion virtuoso” (New York Press) and “rising international rock star” (Global Times) Natti Vogel has halted touring abroad to assemble a local, 5-piece-band as visually appealing as they are musically accomplished. After a series of successful private showcases and mini-sets, the Inexperience is tight and ready for their public deflowering. The Branded Saloon* will celebrate by offering a discounted, limited-supply Natti Vogel cocktail at the bar.

The Inexperience Is:
ACE – percussion, humor
MARC – low-end, handsomeness
JOY – harmony & counterpoint, class
MEDICI – synth & guitar, edge
NATTI – keys & lead vox, camp

The Natti Vogel Inexperience: Medici, Marc, Joy, Ace, Natti (L-R)

*The Branded Saloon is just a gem of a venue, located at 603 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. Aim for 8:30pm, because the Inexperience plays at 9 SHARP.
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FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1st @ SPECTRUM, 8pm, 121 Ludlow Street

At 25, my early cabaret days just keep coming back to haunt me.

Valerie Kuehne, wild curator/cellist/composer, has given me the distinct honor of hosting this month’s SuperCoda Variety Show at the gorgeous semi-private venue Spectrum, home of a 7-foot Steinway Grand and first-rate audio pornography. Most of my shows in the coming year will — without giving too much away – not be solo, so this will be a rare treat for us both.

Arrive promptly at 8pm with whatever cash you wish to spend on music and booze, a *classy* guest, a rambunctious attitude and the knowledge that I may at any time anthropomorphize honey containers, recount horrifying experiences in Tokyo Love Hotels, take your requests and debut an inappropriately poppy new song.

SPECTRUM is: the 2nd Floor of 121 Ludlow Street, LES, Manhattan.

Photography by Ling Wang, Couture by Samantha Sleeper

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… in the middle of January?

So much has happened in the past 1.5 years since we’ve been in touch that it is unforgivably obscene!

I don’t know how we could catch up on it all in such a brief post BUT. I. WILL. TRY:

There’ve been wine-bottle pianos, sexy and strange honey-baptisms with bridge-jumping aerialists, a music video premiere on the Faster Times, festival shows with my beloved band and string quartet, a Japan tour, a birthday tribute concert, a 2-page spread in a Danish magazine, an album release, and that’s just all my labile musician brain can recall at this time.

Natti Vogel & Najva Sol by Rijard Bergeron

I’ve sworn in vegetarian blood that I will keep you better abreast of everything in 2013, so let me start by proving it to you now:

VALERIE KUEHNE - a *genius* (not a term I use lightly) cellist whom I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with for 5 YEARS, and whose exquisitely written essay on my songs gave this website its catchphrase, has asked me to join the circus tonight for an intimate show at Panoply in Brooklyn. I know it’s terribly last minute, but this is a rare opportunity for interdisciplinary magic in which I suggest you partake. I will debut an outrageously chaotic and ferocious new song laden with a desensitizing quantity of unresolved tritones in the melody. Warning: trigger for anyone with feelings.

SHOW TONIGHT Wednesday January 16th 8pm, Panoply Lab, 204 Meserole St., Brooklyn

It feels very, very good to blog all over this blog again.

So many more exciting announcements coming soon.

Love to you all.

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Yes, my international compatriots, the times they are a-changin.’

Natti Vogel headlining the Smith College Alliance for Alternative Rock Festival in 2007, feat. Amanda Palmer, Le Tigre, Cory Chisel & other brilliant acts

After a spectacularly unreal summer touring solo all over China and spreading my wings in Beijing – which I vow I to dish all about in wrap-up blog ASAP – and relishing the process of recording for the first time in <em>ages</em>, I am pleased to announce that I will be playing my first show with two of my favorite performers and people in the world,


"a veritable force of nature" (the Huffington Post)


”Meow Meow puts the beauty and the beastliness of it back where it belongs, out on the edge and in your face.” The TIMES, London


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the spectacular webcast lineup:


NATTI VOGEL ~ 9:40pm


LIVE Huffington Post Interview ~ 10:25pm



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Natti Vogel 2010 全国巡演


I come to you now from Shanghai, on a brisk and beautiful Sunday afternoon from a little café tucked away off a cozy boheme-esque stretch of 长乐路。

With only the SHANGHAI and BEIJING showcases left on my breakneck summer solo tour of China, it’s high time I dish you all a little dirt. Allow me to take this time to address the many questions I have heard burning on the tips of your fingers and tongues:


Q: Why would you want to tour China?

A: Why not? I know there are some great Western bands like Radiohead who refuse to play for China in a misguided attempt at protesting human rights abuse and suppression of free speech. While I do agree that infringement of basic individual rights should never be tolerated or simply chalked up to “cultural differences”, I find it particularly ironic that Western bands would intentionally limit their own range of expression in a boycott supposedly aimed against the suppression of free expression. Implicit in a Western band’s refusal to play for a Chinese audience is a) the dangerously false conflation of a people with its government, which, if you ask Rachel DeWoskin or any other American expat present in the PRC during the US/NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, can be truly frightening when you’re among those being conflated and b) the folly of arrogance in assuming that denying a country your live act will accomplish anything other than further tension, disappointment and cultural misunderstanding. I have come to China neither to demand that China “Free Tibet”, like Björk insisted during her performance two years back, nor to mitigate my own political opinions (I am pro-gay-marriage, anti-consumer-culture, ferociously environmentalist and anti-oil, for instance) in an attempt to please the locals. I have come here to be open, be myself, share my music with living, breathing, free-willed people. When I played my first headlining solo show in Beijing last July at 愚公移山, I was stunned to see rows of audience members dancing to just a piano and a voice with spasmodic joy. I’m not playing for or against the government, I’m playing for the people. That’s why I’m here.

Q: How did you get the gig?

A: Through dumb luck, naive optimism and brave friends.

Q: Are you singing any songs in Chinese?

A: Yup, every night I play the one Chinese song that I’ve written along with a self-modified cover of my choosing … kinda like this *

*xo to NYC scene queen Shien Lee for introducing me to this sultry little Old Shanghai number

Q: What cities are we talking?

Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Zhenzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lijiang, Kunming, Changsha, Wuhan, Hefei, Nanjing, Yiwu, and three dates in Shanghai, followed by an extra-special finale show in Beijing on July 10th @ Starlive

Last month I headlined a Sichuan Relief Mission benefit concert at the historic Judson Memorial Church in NYC *Valerie Kuehne on cello, photo by Ivy Yang

Two Fridays ago, actually playing IN Sichuan, @ 小酒馆 in the capital of Chengdu to be precise, for a memorably splendid crowd of about 200. *Photo by Cai Ming

Q: Biggest WTF moment on tour so far?

A: Realizing that NO WHERE in China do they make secure X-stands for digital keyboards. Seriously dudes, the first company to market one in China gets me as their poster child. I will promote the hell out that thing, no joke.

Q: Biggest WTF moment on tour (in a good way)

A: Successfully kicking ass at my first Chinese-language radio interview in Wuhan, sharing the earbuds of our cellphone mouthpiece with my manager while she furiously scribbled Chinese characters and funneled beer into my mouth during questions to help me relax.

Q: When do you return to New York?

A: I have no return ticket. I’ll have to get rich first. Please assist me in this endeavor by racing over in hordes to buy my newly available, extended debut vintage EP for a ludicrously cheap price: My Chinese Visa runs out mid-August, so act quickly!

in scenic 丽江, photo by 邹琨

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Natti Vogel headlines the SYZYGY New Music Fundraiser

Some of you may know the prodigious Danielle Schwob as the string quartet arranger for my soon-to-be-released song “Post Toast.” Danielle is a true visionary, an absurdly young and accomplished, award-winning concert music composer who is – mark my words – going to play a prominent role in the gathering movement to gradually eradicate the foolish barriers standing in between concert music and popular music.

It is with unmitigated joy that I invite you to attend this, my first English-language concert in a long time to be held in the private room of the East Village’s SOLAS next Thursday at 7pm. I’ll be playing with some of my most beloved instrumental cohorts: Owen Wang on guitar, Valerie Kuehne on cello and Ace Salisbury on drums.

And just in case you thought the regime of genre would die hard, following me will be the excellent HOWL THEORY, a very young and beautiful concert percussion trio specializing in 20th century works and the ticklish and yummy
jazz group the Isaac Jaffe Quintet.

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